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Helping businesses navigate the legislative and regulatory landscapes not only in Arkansas, but also nationwide.

What We Do

Our goal is to ensure a positive reputation with legislative bodies and government agencies and provide timely and proactive solutions for our clients. Through relationship-building, advocacy, and expert analysis and guidance, we build powerful government relations campaigns to affect legislation, regulation, appropriations, and other legislative and regulatory actions. We have successfully represented our clients with targeted campaigns that get results. Our focus is on the insurance industry, but we have expertise in other areas of business as well. We work with the Arkansas Insurance Department, as well as all insurance departments and regulators nationwide. In addition, we work with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, pharmaceutical companies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), as well as nonprofit companies such as Health Sharing Ministries. Our job is to identify the needs of a person or company and fulfill those needs with the tools and relationships we’ve built over the years.


I previously served as Arkansas’ 23rd State Insurance Commissioner from January 2015 until March 27, 2020. I also served as an elected member in the Arkansas House of Representatives, District 32, in Little Rock from 2008 to 2014, where I forged relationships with the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Office of the Governor. I’ve been the recipient of many industry awards, including being a four-time member of the Million Dollar Round Table for life insurance production.


My nearly four decades of professional experience in the insurance and government sectors set me apart as a knowledgeable thought leader in legislative and corporate affairs. We have relationships with all 54 insurance commissioners and directors nationwide. We can help companies get licensed in their state of domestication and help them expand and get licensed in other states, as well as 
help businesses create and launch new product by setting up standard risk pools and “captive entities.”


We bring unparalleled experience and insider knowledge in the political landscape, which provides clients with seasoned insight to create success. We are proficient in all lines of insurance and issues including Medicaid, Medicare, affordable health care products, mental health, dental, property and casualty, and business liability. 

Proven Leadership

Allen Kerr, CEO and president of Allen Kerr Advisors, has organized to help companies and individuals navigate the legislative and regulatory landscapes of not only Arkansas, but the entire nation. Working primarily but not limited to the insurance and financial industries, Kerr brings decades of knowledge and experience to his clients to help them become more successful. As the Arkansas insurance commissioner for five years, Kerr brought more than 150 new businesses to Arkansas, all while reducing costs to the state by 22% and increasing department revenue by 43%. As the senior executive vice president of regulatory affairs, and chief administrative officer and vice chairman of the board of directors of OneShare Health—a Christian-based, nonprofit ministry (HCSM)—Kerr managed operations and assisted in navigating the regulatory and legislative issues affecting OneShare Health and the health sharing industry.

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Relationship networks in all 50 states.

Four decades of professional experience in the insurance industry.

Mediation & Arbitration between companies & individuals or regulators & government entities.

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